Random Thoughts

Courtesy of Pinterest.

I found this image the other day on Pinterest and it made me smile. Seeing Edward Norton and James McAvoy together isn’t just seeing to great actors hanging out, it’s seeing two of my characters together.

Writer’s do this weird thing where we pick out actors who would play our characters if our books were ever turned into movies. Sometimes, it also helps us solidify a character’s personality and looks. You do have to be careful that it doesn’t put you or your readers in a box. Everyone sees their favorite characters a little differently.

For me, James McAvoy would play a young Stan. Stan is a journalist who stumbles onto a unique private eye firm that doesn’t hunt down cheating husbands or missing heiresses. This firm hunts monsters and things that go bump in the night. It’s led by a WW2 vet, an unlit, and helped by the SoulKeeper Guardian (whose powers have been split). Stan gets pulled into the dark world of serial killers and rogue Guardians. By the end of his story he’s found love, but he’s also lost almost all his friends. Stan is responsible for raising Crow the Half-Breed, half unlit and half SoulKeeper Guardian. 

Edward Norton would play Stan’s son Ronan. Ronan comes on the scene years later, surprising Stan who didn’t know he had a son. Ronan finds Stan at the same time he inherits the SoulDefender/Preacher powers fully united. This draws Ronan into the same dark world Stan was drawn into. Ronan must shoulder the souls of his world with the help of the Deacons and the Huntsman.

Seeing this picture is like seeing happier days when Stan and Ronan would have been together. It’s like seeing father and son as two young men, as friends, just having fun. So. I kinda love this picture. Not because of the actors, but because of what they represent to me.