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6b94e144cf0e137db0cee26505a837daNothing starts off the Christmas Season like the Christmas Carol. I usually listen to it 3 or 4 times during December.


Movie Influences

Facebook had one of those interactive, post every day, and tag someone things going around recently that I thought was very interesting.

“I’ve been nominated for the 10-day Movie Challenge. Every day I must select an image from a film that has impacted me in some way, present it without a single explanation, and nominate somebody to take the challenge.”

I found it interesting to see what my top 10 images were. After looking at them I thought it kind of explain the struggle I have finding books I enjoy. I’m always looking for a weird mixture of beautiful writing, intense story and struggle, pain, and ultimate victory. There are stories that I like that are more down to earth, slice of life, like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. There are unexpected stories that have this visceral intensity, but you don’t see it at first, like Watership Down. But, lots of times I’ll start a book expecting it, even sorta of finding it, but it doesn’t hook me. It’s not the right kind of intensity. I found this with Dexter. I started the show, but only got half way through the second season before I was bored. So bored. Didn’t care. On the other hand, I’m watching Band of Brothers again, and I’m happily binging my way through Criminal Minds. There is this mixture of Comradery and intensity that I’m always looking for.

So, my movies:

Day 1: Rambo 4


Day 2: Rambo, First Blood


Day 3: Fury


Day 4: Aliens


Day 5: Lord of the Rings


Day 6: Lone Survivor


Day 7: Band of Brothers (yes, I cheated, it’s not a movie.)


Day 8: Willow


Day 9: The Never Ending Story


Day 10: Predators


It’s interesting to see what movies I chose as my top ten influencers. It has lead me to think about what it is that I like and don’t like, and ultimately, what I’m looking for in a story. More to come about that later. 🙂

What ten movies would you pick?

Quote of the Weekend

Courtesy of Pinterest.

This is partially why many of my stories take place in the winter. I love working with snow!

Quote of the Weekend


Courtesy of Pinterest.

This is simply beautiful!

Quote of the Weekend

Courtesy of Pinterest.

I don’t know anything about the author of this quote, but I did find this quote beautiful and encouraging. Whose life turns out like you planned or thought it would? The point is to trust the writer of your story, and be content with how He is telling it.

Quote of the Weekend


Courtesy of Pinterest.

This reminds me of the line from Rambo 4: Live for nothing, or die for something. Rambo 4 is my favorite movie, so I like seeing the connection between it and the Vikings. I think this is often the heartbeat of warriors, willingly dying for something.

What’s your favorite movie?

Quote of the Weekend

Quote from Fortress by Abby Jones

Monday I’m going to talk about one of my sub-genres in my Worlds Before the Door genre: Huntsman and HearthKeeper stories.

This is a quote from my story Fortress. I hope you’ll join me as I explore what lead me to write this type of story, and why I love it.