What influences your writing?

Emily, over at Living In Heaven’s Shadow, did a post about the top 7 influencers of her writing. I thought this was a great idea and decided to put my own little list together.

As a writer, I have been influenced by:

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien’s world-building, descriptions, and beautiful friendships
  2. Pastor Jarrett Down’s spiritual descriptions used in his sermons
  3. The pain, suffering, and bonding of Band of Brothers
  4. The Viking mythology found in Amon Amarth
  5. The beauty of the warriorhood of Watership Down
  6. The pain of losing someone while you’re talking to them in 3000 Degrees by Sean Flynn
  7. Lone Survivors‘ heartache, brotherhood, and “never out of the fight” mentality

Runners up are:

-Mumford and Sons’ first two albums: I could build stories out of every one of their songs

-Firefly: gotta have a crew

-The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson: stories that feel like coming home

-Mindhunter by John Douglas: creating the best and creepiest villians

-The Book of the Dun Cow, by Walter Wangerin Jr.: there is nothing I don’t love about this book

-Stories of the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son: myths are part of who we are

-Dracula by Bram Stoker: monsters can be hunted by Christians

What are your top 7 influences…and runners up? Comment below, or tag this post so I can see your list.

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